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Revolver Shackles


NAXJA Forum User
Duluth, Ga
I`m goin to be getting some shackles to add some lift in the next couple days or so. So I figure why not get some more flex too. Do Teraflex Revolvers give u more lift, as well as flex or what? For the ones that run these, do u like?
Revolvers rob you of traction, stay away from them. During steep climbs the revolvers will open up causing the pinion angle to increase to the point of axle wrap. At the same time the wheels will slip, you lose traction, and all your friends will say "Dude, you got to get rid of those @#$% revolvers"!
Same response here, I've seen them open up when you dont want them to, on a downhill, and almost rolling some fellow jeepers. Also they will open up on hard braking causing who knows what.