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Replacement Body Parts

Joey Nelson

NAXJA Forum User
Mankato, MN
Well, went to moab and had a few run ins with the rocks. Now I need new passenger side: fender, elec mirror, and a front passenger door. all the wondows are still good.

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find replacement panels for cheap, I know I am not the first one to do this so someone must know where to get them!

98 sport 4 door. Black
Both Quadratec and JC Whitney can do fenders for you, if you have a '96 or older. I think Q'tec can also do '97+ but they cost twice as much. Keystone, Erik Veng and several other discount parts places can handle the fenders, too. JC Whitney also sells replacement door skins.

I had a source for mirrors, but I've lost the bookmark. I think Quadratec may have those as well as the sheet metal, at least for the '96 and older models. Also try Crown.
car-part.com is a huge online junkyard search engine. They don't have every yard, but they do have an awful lot and you might get lucky and find your parts near you.
Jeep on!
beware of cheap aftermarket panels, you get a good price but compromise fit. i do bodywork and have some horror stories about cheap aftermarket body parts, if it were me needing affordable body panels, i'd go for OEM salvage parts. just my opinion.
You're right about the fit. I got a right front fender from http://www.autobodypartsonline.com and the fit wasn't perfect. But my XJ is a '92 with 230k miles, so the fit was close enough to suit me. If I had a newer, nicer vehicle, I probably would have bought OEM or had it repaired professionally.