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Putting things together after a wreck


NAXJA Forum User
Fairbanks, AK
Hello all from Fairbanks AK, I've lurked for over about 7 years but this is my first post. Thanks for all the help over the years, hopefully I can get some advice.

My 98 Sport XJ was hit by the driver of a stolen wrangler and I am putting it back together. Impacted the door at about 65, wife was driving at 35, the wrangler spun out trying to overtake in the snow, took out the fender, bumper, hood, radiator and electric fan.

My question is two fold:

1. I am trying to locate an "inner fender." The section of the engine bay that is spot welded forward of the strut and supports the ECM and factory airbox, with the wiper fluid bottle mounted underneath between it and the outer fender. What is this actually called? Does anyone know if these are produced or know of the wareabouts of one?

2. While the jeep is down I am overhauling the major components of the vehicle. I rebuilt the T-case and have a transmission on order, my engine has 192k (hard) miles on it but compressions all came out between 145-150 at 191k miles. It is weeping oil from the headgasket but shows no other signs of damage.

Should I pull the head and have it rebuilt when I replace the headgasket? Or will that affect the bottom end of the engine and cause more harm than good and I should just live with the weeping oil.