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Recognize these rims? Dialup beware!


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Any one recognize what brand/style these rims are? Sorry for the mega pic... stole it from the orgs site and not sure how to make it smaller here. :eek:


i opened it photoshop and got "superior" of the center of the wheel. hope that helps ya.
Why Photoshop? I can see it like standing in front of a billboard. That sucka's huge!! :eek:

Superior is the brand of axleshafts.

The wheels are Welds.
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FYI... pro comp offers a look-alike wheel as well.

Does that jeep have a TJM front bumper? It looks just like one that Mark Noble of 4wd and offroad magazine did a write up on TJM bumpers and ACOS and some other products.

I have been trying to find pics of this jeep for some time now.
Thanks guys.

Yes, that's the same XJ from the article (4Wheel Drive & Sport Ut Dec '02). The pic is linked from the ORGS web site's rock slider page, so that's the size that came over. I asked one of the guys from ORGS but he couldn't come up with a brand name and I haven't seen them in any wheel adverts. Nice lookin' rig.

That is what I thought!!!