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Rearching main spring


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I just purchased 96 S-10 Blazer 4x4 zr2 leaves for $50. I am finally going to get rid of the lift blocks! How do I bolt the very arched donor leaves to the almost flat stock main leaf? Can I just C-clamp the main to the donors until it bends? I talked to the a guy at Spectrac Suspension Center in Gilbert AZ and he said I have to bring the main leaves to him and rearch them to match the arch of the donor springs. The job would cost $50 for both.

As a side note, I bought 4 leaf clamps from SSC for $16.00! What a rip! I had no choice because A.Z checker, napa do not carry these.

when you pull weight off the rear springs they should still have some arch in them. Of all the people doing what your doing i havent heard anyone getting them rearched.
Use c-clamps. About 6" clamps should do it. Buy new center pins, both because you should, and because new ones are extra long. Drop the new pin through all the leaves and use it to keep everything aligned while you tighten down the clamps. You might be able to do each spring with one clamp, but IMHO you're better off using two clamps, one on each side of the center pin.

Do NOT try to use the nut on the center pin to pull the leaves together. It'll hold the leaves once they are compressed, but if you try to draw them in with the pin you'll just strip the threads off the nut. Be sure the leaves are tightly compressed together, then tighten up the nut on the center pin. After the axle u-bolts have been reinstalled and tightened up, cut off the excess length of the center pin with a hacksaw.