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Rear wheel, exterior mount


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Santiago, Chile
Hi, I'm Jose Manuel, I live in Chile and a recently bought a 1995 SE xj, its mechanical and it has a 2.5 lt engine, as you can se my engisj isnt very good. Anyhow, I want to star modifieing my xj. I started, by adding a cone air filter, and new splitfire sparkplugs, I also had to change the front brake pads, or discs, i dont know how to say it in english, with original mopar brakes. All modifications here in Chile are pretty expencive becouse all the cherokee ment parts have to be imported. Now i want to mount the exta tire in the back of the jeep. I've seen that many of you have don that, it gives you more tunk space and it helps if you have to rest the car on a tree when you ar mud wheeling, without damaging the jeep. The rest is all stock. So if anybody knows how i can get the rear tire mounted on the back door of the jeep, in a cheap and resistent whey, i´d be very gratefull.
A cheaper way to go may to be to mount the spare on the roof...many people do that, plus then you dont have to move the tire every time you want to get some thing out of the trunk, I know when it comes time to move mine its going to the roof. You may be able to find a universal basket or fab up brackets from another basket to fit yours.
Well first off welcome to the forum. I would think that if you had to mount it to the rear hatch with no other option, then maybe you could use a wrangler tire holder, and bolt it to the back of the hatch, the downside would be that you would have to carry somthing in the jeep with you to prop the back up. Not to mention the holes in the hatch. That would be one way to go, and the roof is another way to go if you can't get any aftermarket bumpers. Anyway good luck. JOE>
jmbustos ,

Heres a roof mount in the "for sale" area.......

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