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Rear Tow hook brackets and diesel battery tray


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San Diego
Need two small things to make my XJ complete (for now).

1) Rear tow hook brackets.

2) The battery tray for a diesel XJ. IF you also have a battery tie down that would be super.

please email at [email protected]
anyone got these and want some money?
Yeah, if that works. All I need is to be able to mount tow hooks for recovery purposes. I have a stock bumper right now and no tow hitch. If there is an OEM bracket that would be great. Do you have some you'd be willing to sell?
There is only one tow hook bracket for the back as they only came with a hook on one side in the back. I have just a hook I can part with for free if you find the bracket without a hook.
I know where I can get a rear bracket and hook but the guy is going to want at least $40 for it. I'll find out an exact price but let me know if that'll work for you.
If there's any way you could get me directly in touch with him that'd be an even bigger help. A website or phone number or something. If not than I can work it through you. Thanks a lot for the help, much appreciated.

It's at a pick & pull and yours truly will be doing the pulling.
I'll be going there soon to get a few other parts off of this same Jeep (2000 XJ). I have a receiver on mine otherwise I'd be grabbing it for myself. The big problem is whether or not I can get to it. The rear axle is gone and the Jeep is on the ground. :mad: If they have to forklift it for me, he's gonna want an arm & leg for it. In that case I'd pass on it. I'll let you know.
Awesome. That sounds great as long as it doesn't have to be forklifted. If so, I'll take your advice and pass on it. Let me know if it works out. I'll be out of town on and off the next week or so, so if I don't respond immediately just give me a few days. Thanks again!

It doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. They put another couple of vehicles in front of the Jeep so there is no access to lift.
hey ckh550,
i was cleaning out my garage and i think i might have a second diesel battery tray (the place i bought it from sent me two, only paid for one). i'll double check-let me know what your zip is so i can figure out shipping. i'll also let you know how much (if i still can find it).

That would be great. You let me know shipping and all that and we'll work it out. I'll be going between Annapolis Maryland (21412) and Greensboro North Carolina (27408) for the next few months so whichever one is easier and cheaper to work out.

Thanks a ton,

If you could email me, that'd be easier for both of us probably.

[email protected]