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RE control arms, drop brackets and braces


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Rubicon Express Superflex adjustable upper and lower control arms, drop brackets and braces. I've had these on 3 different XJs over the last 15 years and they perform great. They were just removed last weekend because I went long arm 3-link and don't need them anymore. Complete setup minus a few nuts & bolts. One lower arm has a very slight bend but its been that way for 10+ years and never affected the performance of my XJs - no death wobble, alignment, or uneven tire wear issues at all. I'm selling them as-is but would recommend rebuilding the Superflex joints. I have some of the rebuild kits ( I might even have all of them) which will be included with the sale you'll just need to borrow or buy the large and small joint tools from RE. I will not ship and prefer local pickup or meet up.

$300 cash, located in Colorado Springs.


For what it's worth, not long ago, I had this exact set up, all of it brand new, AND the RE 3.5" coils NIB.

Collectively I set the asking prices of the pieces totalling around $500 on Craigs. After several months, and dropping prices, I got a total of $240 ($80 uppers, $80 lowers, $50 drop brackets, $30 coils.)

F'ing ouch.
If he shipped they would probably be sold....my brother and I both are looking for drop brackets and my brother just bought arms that he was looking for..well at least three months.

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How much to ship the drop brackets and braces

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