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3.5” lift - longer lower control arms or drop brackets?


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I’m putting metal cloak springs up front and ONE CS033RB packs out back.

I was thinking of going with JKS LCAs at 16.25” length up front. Would this be better than new bushings on the stock arms and drop brackets? I’d prefer to maximize clearance but want to hear opinions/experiences.

You'll get everything you need with a set of adjustable uppers and lowers.
Id get drop brackets if it was mine. Itl ride/drive enough better that the little loss in clearance will be forgotten.

Then ounce drop brackets are on decide on arm needs/wants go from there.

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Definitely go with adjustable arms...you'll thank us later. Gives you freedom to dial in your front end no matter what else changes over the course of your build. I have drop brackets and adjustable arms so they aren't mutually exclusive.
Another option might be a long arm. On my 4.5 lift I had RC adjustable. Then I have JKS's. On my 2" lift I had/have CORE adjustable. I smacked a curb and have had issues since. Death Wobble. I changed out the lower COREs for Lower JKS ones. I was expecting bushing damage in the COREs. They looked OK. I did purchase a Long Arm kit from Dirt Bound. Might look at the difference in price between a Long Arm kit and the JKS adjustable. It seems to take a bit of time for Dirt Bounds to be delivered. Others I considered at that price were IRO and CAV Fab. About the same price.
Thanks all. I went with JKS fixed at 16.25” for the metal cloak lift. Just torqued everything up before work today, so I’ll let you know how it rides as soon as I know.


That might come back to haunt you. What's your caster?
He could buy some adjustable uppers latter. I do have COREs Stage 1's and JKS. The JKS has a Johnnie Joint. The CORE Stage 1 has a rubber bushing. I think JKS's are $300, and CORE Stage 1's $150.
I’ll measure out caster this week and see where I’m at. If needed, UCAs will be ordered.

Now to fix this leaking heater control valve…