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Who the Fawk designed the newer GMC rear disc brake setup??
Story; Wifes 2001 Yukon XL failed state safety inspection because the e-brake would not hold. I think, no problem, I'll just climb under there and tighten it up at the "Y". Get under there and it's already tight as it will go?!? So, I figure we bought it last year with the fancy bumper to bumper warrenty so I call the dealer and explain the problem. First he tells me if it's normal wear and tear item (pads) then it is not covered. Next, he tells me you dont adjust it at the "Y", you have to pull the disc and adjust there. Ok, I figure I'll dig in, pull tire, pull caliper, PULL CALIPER BRACKET (because it's designed to wrap around the damn disc), pull disc (oh ya, it's hot out in San Antonio). The adjuster is a simple fly wheel like our old XJ rear drums use. The pad (shoe) is pretty worn but I adjust it out anyway. Repeat side two. Who designed this thing? It's a nice setup til you have to work on it. I'm sure someone could have designed in a simple access hole to the star wheel like are old XJ rear drums, and what is with the caliper bracket having to wrap around the fricken disc??
Ok, still don't work so it looks like i need to replace the shoe/pad, I didn't get a good look at how it mounts, anyone know off hand if I'll need a new fangled zadude or any other special tools to get this POS brake thingy off?

im not much help, but hey at least your working on something clean. if it were me id hang out with a dealer tech and look at his FSM, not just a pencil pusher who tells you what the GM "magic 8 ball" says so he can make it look like they have nothing to do with it, and A) get you away from his pc so he can search more golden shower porn or B) charge you out the yin yang for nothing

I suppose since it's a GM, you never know, but assuming this is like most disk parking brakes, and uses the inside of the rotor "hat" as the drum, it seems bizarre that you have to take the drum off to adjust it. There ought to be an access hole on the outside, through the axle flange.
Well I did adjust them out (no access hole, you must remove the disk) and it still didn't work. The pad/shoe looked pretty thin so I had Audrey take it to NTB and tell them just to replace the e-brake pads. They call back and said the pads were fine but it still would not work, so today it's going to the dealer and we'll see how good that bumper to bumper warrenty is.
Something that nice and new I would've taken it to the dealer and told them it wont pass inspections, i paid big bucks for this damn thing and its not that old.

Never owned anything with the bumper to bumper warranty, if I ever do, I'll never work on it.

mac 'enough on my hands with my jeep' gyvr
Well without even knowing what the problem was the service manager said "we'll cover it under the warrenty", and they did. So far this have been the best dealership I've ever worked with.