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So it’s tire for a radiator replacement(been running the one I bought it with 15 years. Was thinking of upgrading but it seems the mishimoto is out of stock everywhere I look. So I can either go with a stock crappy plastic tank one or csf copper. I would like to be somewhat budget friendly. The engine is stock(internally) but it does have 6” of lift, plated and braced chassis (cage is in the plans) built hp44/9” 5.13’s, atlas 2, 37’s. I live in the northeast. So it gets Hazey/hot/humid and this Jeep gets used for a little bit of everything. What’s the good go to radiator?, stock junk or csf 2 core?
Thanks in advance

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I tried a 2-row brass/copper by TSM (Summit brass/copper), and it was no better than the 1-row aluminum CSF that came with my XJ. In fact, it was worse in some cases. It was a very nicely made radiator, but after that experience, I think aluminum is the way to go, at least for cooling performance.

I've been running a Cold Case (2-row) radiator for a few months now. It definitely cools much better than the 1-row CSF and the TSM 2-row brass/copper. No idea yet on Cold Case longevity. There is a lot of good info on the Cold Case in recent posts in Cal's radiator thread.
I was looking at the Cold Case but that too is currently discontinued as far as I’ve seen..

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I don't think its discontinued, but its out of stock at some places. Eastwood has it in stock for $346, but I'd buy it directly from Cold Case or wait for it to be back in stock at Summit.
Yeah, exactly what I meant. I mean I guess I’ll wait because I will be parking it for winter anyway.

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I think lots of people are very picky about radiators.
I bought the cheapest aluminum one listed on ebay my jeep runs cold and radiator has held up for 3 or 4 years now. It cost like 130 bucks at the time

I may be the only one with good results

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Ended up non eventful.
Marks headed up the trail in his bone stock xj.

Lockers and small dirt tires winch are planned no lift

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Same deal here, got the cheapest amazon radiator, full welded aluminum for about 130. Changed the fan mounts for my rhd and has worked great for 2 years of mail delivery. The key I think is fully flushing ALL the crap out of the system, then using a good 195 t stat. Holds up for all day stop and go delivery, 100+ heat 500+ pounds of mail.
Yeah when i did radiator i did pump tstat and all hoses at the same time.

Btw i didnt mean those pics to be here.

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