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Question on Crossmembers and Vibes...


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Hey, you might have heard that I bashed my crossmember quite good...I don't have vibes, and it isn't a very big deal, but I'm starting to think of going bigger and better. I was looking at the ORGS crossmember & TC skid, and it mientioned that it raises the AW4 5/8" Now, I've got a 3" lift on my '89 (Dana 30, AW4, 231, stock DS) Anybody think I'd be getting vibes because of the higher TC?

Also, if it's not likely that I'll get vibes, how high you think I could lift it further until I'm likely to run into that problem (I'm thinking of going to 4.5" someday)


PS- Yeah, I know, All XJ's are unique with vibes!
I hear that raising your transfercase leads to it hitting the floor, giving you electrolysis and eventually burning out your fusible links in victorville.

did you find that to be the case?