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Pumping fuel tank dry - wiring question


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Just swapped engines after 2 plus years sitting.
Like an idiot (I was tired, really) I started her up on the nastiness that was in the tank. That is some nasty sludge in there- watery, rusty, and is more llike laquer than gas. Now the new fuel filter is clogged, injectors are all fouled - wah, wah, wah. Feel like a bit of a dope.

I've read some posts that suggest running the pump via the ignition switch until its empty, but I really don't want to run my starter for long enought to empty all 8 gallons out.

So I want to run the pump by "jumping" the pump, without having the starter working/engine turning.

Anyone able to give me a how-to on this? My guess is at the relay, but I wouldn't know which poles to use...
yeah you just jump it at the relay.

I believe its the top pole (30) and the bottom pole (87). I don't believe you need the ignition on either.

This is for my '92 at least, not sure what year yours is.

I've done this method and just sent straight power to the plug near the tank with no ill effects.

1996 SE 2-door, 4.0L, (with a '97 block, head and intake) Stock electrical system.

Are the pin numbers labeled or can you point me to a resource for that?
We just drained our Comanche's tank via the pump.

Disconected the line @ the fuel filter and turned the key to the "ON" position. Gas came pouring out of there till it was empty.
Thanks for the input, it worked great (faster than I thought, too).

BTW- On the '96, the two larger size spades on the relay was the way to do it.