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PSC hydro assist kit install!!!

I am in the process of fitting mine - and getting everything ready for install. I ordered mine with the short reservoir as well as cut and re-welded the bracket. I also beat on the inner metal of the engine bay to provide more clearance. I don’t see anyway that it would fit in stock form.
pulled my box and drilled it the other day. waiting on a tap handle to fit the taps I bought. Using redneck ram and my refurb'd stock box.

Holy shit it's crazy what PSC charges for their stuff!! looks good tho and you're box is ready to go!
So i bought the PSC hydro assist kit for my 2000 XJ. Here is the link.... https://www.pscmotorsports.com/vehi...ep-temp/95-02-jeep-yj-xj-tj-zj/psc-sk240.html I was wondering if anyone has done this kit???? Looking for any pictures of how you mounted the oil reservoir. The bracket that came with the kit wont let me even close the hood. And PSC wasn't any real help. Thanks for the help in advance.


I got the ps res in but I had to bend up the mount to fit around the mc res. It doesn't hit the hood. I do have an older model resrvoir though.

Dunno if this link will work but here:

I did mine pre any brackets but way back when the brackets worked with the YJ and not the XJ. Could be the same issue now.

Mines really old with the P(?) pump. I made a bracket off the intake near the throttle body. The motor is a 95 and there were a couple of holes there. On mine the line humps to the pump but hasn't been an issue. I have to loosen the clamp and raise it for bleeding. I forgot to lower it once and the nipple for the vent line put a ding in the hood. Ooops.

Others have mounted them to the firewall behind the intake where there is more overhead room.
yall using pipe tape (teflon maybe?) on your fittings? got some laying around.

thread sealant/locker? not the red stuff obviously...
Thread sealant (tape/paste) on any tapered threads but not on flare or AN fittings.
crazy how the tape can create weakness on ANs
AN threads are straight threads and definitely dont use tape or sealant. If you have leaks with AN fittings use a seco seal, SECO7 copper in your size.