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Prarie City Improvements Planning Meeting


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Rocklin, CA
As I mentioned in our meeting last Thursday, there is a push underway to improve the 4x4 area at Prarie City. There is a brainstorming meeting this Sat, the 14th at 10AM at the 4x4 area at Prarie City. I am not sure whether you will need to pay admission, but if you mention that you are there for the meeting, you should be able to get in w/o admission.

I have a wedding up the hill at 12PM so don't be shocked to see me in a tie!

Prarie City.......hmmmmmmm........don't they have a mud pit there? :lol:

Kevin W. and I went out there. No one had a clue about a planning meeting. We even talked to the park supervisor. Maybe the dates have been changed?

On a side note, they have a Cherokee out there that is coming up for auction. '94 with 83k miles :shock: white four door with tan cloth interior. ps, pb, a/c, auto, 231, tilt, cruise and intermittent wipers. The body is straight and the interior is in OK shape. The supervisor seemed to think it could be had for $2500.