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Power steering fluid

I never trust dealers or auto stores. Check your manual; it's toward the back just before the maintenance schedules.
You don't use ATF in the power steering system on an XJ only power steering fluid. Go to the parts store and look on the shelf the bottle will be labled (big suprise here) power steering fluid.
when new, dealer said to use special (read $$$) mopar fluid. (98').

became friendly w/my parts manager, informed me no longer true, use equivalent.

been running mobil 1 tranny fluid last 35k or so, no problems whatsoever.

Power steering fluid is similar to automatic transmission fluid, but with a very different detergent pack. In the "good old days" power steering used automatic tranny fluid, but now they are different compounds. You can use a small amount of ATF to refill a power steering box, but you should use fluid formulated specifically for power steering units.