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Lower ball joint nut? Supposed to turn with the knuckle?


NAXJA Member
Sometime ago I replaced my ball joints. Now as i trace down a wonky steering I am seeing the bottom ball joint nut turning when I turn the steering wheel.

Is this correct or is the joint bad and the big bottom nut should stay straight ahead as knuckle turns left and right.
The end of the stud, the nut, and the knuckle it is bolted to should all stay together. If it is not it implies the taper stud is turning in the knuckle. You should try torquing the nut, if that does not fix it, expect to need to replace the balljoint and/or clean out the taper in the knuckle, maybe re-ream it gently or even have to replace it if it is too badly damaged for the taper stud to stay put when the nut is correctly torqued. I would start by simply disassembling it all, brakleen/wirebrush/rag clean the hole in the knuckle and the stud, check for any damaged areas of the knuckle hole and then reassemble, if that doesn't help enough you need to consider if it's worth re-reaming it or just toss a better condition junkyard knuckle at it for like 10 or 20 bucks.