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Power locks and windows


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I have a 98' XJ and I love it. However since I bought it in August I have had problems with the power door locks and windows.
All the windows roll down, however they only roll down from the driver side, except once in a while when its really cold (i.e in the teens) they will actually work from the respective door switches, rarely though. I think it is child safety switch related, because they work but only the driver can roll them down.
Door locks: Driver and passenger side door switchs will unlock all the doors, but the driver side will not lock them. I have to reach over to the passenger door to lock them.
I have read all the former posts about about pre 88 jeeps and voltage loss, and also how some peoples doors dont work when its cold. My jeep is a 98' with no alarm system, and the door switchs perform same regardless of Temp., but windows work sometimes in extreme cold! Is there a bad connection, and the cold is condensing the metal allowing for a connection in regards to the windows working on respective door switches and not just the drivers side, or should I just replace the circuit board in the driver door, and hope thats the problem?
Oh and great site!
Mine is a 97XJ but I think they are the same. There is a PW lockout switch in the driver switch panel which could be the problem. The driver control panel is also where the windows and the locks get their "ground connection". I just had a passenger window problem, would not go up. Had wiring power for both directions so I replaced the motor but it would still not go up. Found that the driver control panel reverses the power - ground functions of the 2 wires that go to the window motor. Had to replace the drive side panel and now they work fine. I would suspect the drivers side panel for the problem.
Thanks! Thats what I was thinking in terms of the safety switch and the windows. I'll replace the circuit board and see if that corrects the windows and doors. Just out of curiousity where did you buy the circuit board, and how much did it cost?
The auto parts stores here did not carry it, I had to buy at the stealership for 145.00 but then they had it in stock.
Try a bone yard. You'll be getting a used one but for the $145 price of a new one you could afford to snach up a few.