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Power Door Locks - FIX Rear Hatch & Driver Door


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Rear hatch power door lock:
I was having intermittent issues with rear hatch power lock not working. Removed the plastic interior cover on rear hatch and took the the power lock unit out. While still connected but hanging by the wires through the access hole, I tried the switch. Didn't seem to be throwing as far as it should. Noticed that the unit made up of two plastic shells was coming apart where the actuator exited. When I pressed the shells together, the unit always worked perfectly! I used a couple of plastic tie wraps to clamp together the clam shell of the power lock unit. These were placed over the rubber boot where the actuator exits the unit. Has worked like a charm ever since! Also sprayed a little WD-40 into the unit around where the actuator exits.

After re-install, I sprayed all the mechanical stuff back there with a white silicon lubricant. Also adjusted the hatch lever a bit - 3 turns tighter on the threaded screw that connects hatch handle to unlock mechanism.

Driver Side door power door lock:

Was very intermittent - not throwing the lock enough to lock or unlock about 50% of the time. Took the unit out and sprayed it full of WD-40 through a little access hole that faces down when unit is installed. Filled it with WD, shook, operated by hand and drained 3 or 4 times. Re-installed and now it's working 100%.