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Pipe bending 101, without a pipe bender.


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Tube bending 101, without a tube bender.

If you haven't got your pipe bender yet, check out This Site. Looks like good information.

It may not work for pipe to be used on a cage (I've never tried anything that big.) but for other projects it does work well.

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That seems to work okay for big radius bends, but not much help in anything that needs a smaller radius.
Yea, and poop goes down hill. (boy am I in trouble, seeing that I'm at the bottom of the hill).
Bent some 1 inch (tubing) at a 5 inch radius, and it came out nicely.


Thinkness of said crack pipe? :D

My 1.25" die is 4" radius and my 1.75" is 6" (lot of people use a 5"). I use .120" and .095" wall tubing. The smaller die is supposed to bend down to .065" and .083" though I don't think I'll be doing much of that.

I'm not crapping on your link though. It is bookmarked and could prove very useful. I wonder how well it would work for very large radius's? Think about the tube above the winshield on an exo. A small die like you've done would come in very handy for cooler mounts and things like that.

Also, this works a lot like the manual benders like the JD2.

Now shaadup and post some pics. :D