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Passenger side door won't open fully


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The passenger side front door is binding on the front fender, so it will not open fully. The fender has bent in quite a way, and keeps blocking the door from opening more than about 8 inches.

Any advice on adjusting the door or fender so the door will open? So far, I'm thinking of loosening the fender screws under the hood, and at the bottom of the fender between the door and front wheel, and trying to push, pull, and persuade the fender forward, until I can open the door, take the door off, and bend the fender back out.

Does this sound reasonable? Everything I search here or on Utube talks about adjusting the door/fender gap, but while still being able to open the door.


Fix the fender dentage and the door should work as before. A fender is easier to remove and/or adjust than a door.
Yeah, fender repair is warrented if the fender dents prevent door from opening. Do NOT force the door. The hinge mounts on the xj are a bit weak as the metal they mount to on the body is thin. This thin metal can tear. Folks sell reinforcement repair piece for this if this happens. This is also very good reason to oil the door hinges. Oil will help prevent the hinge from binding, which can cause the body metal to tear. oil will also allow the hinge not to wear out as fast. worn hinges will cause the door to sag, not operate well.
Besure the door check strap is installed to prevent door over opening which can cause things to bend and tear.

If the fender is bent, there may not be enough movement to fix it by simply adjusting its position by loosening the screws. You may need to pry or hammer on the fender to remove the dent. sometimes a pry bar can work for this, metal or even a wood pry bar can sometimes be used. if the dent is real bad, the fender maybe removed for best repair of the dent

If you link us to a photo of the offending fender some of us might be able to give you more specific advise on the repair

good luck
New fender. Take it off or beat back into shape. Fenders are overrated

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