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painting trim


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Danville, VA
I want to paint the fading trim on my 99 Sport. I thought about pulling it off, cleaning up the body, and spraying the trim and putting it back on with 3M tape. Anybody have any other ideas?
are you talking about the trim between the wheel wells. if so i took my off and i think it looks better. look in pix showcase
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Use Plasticoat Bumper and Trim paint, the stuff works great, sprays on and dries nice and evenly. Just be sure to lightly sand the surface with a high grit paper and then wipe it off with something like Acetone to clean it before spraying.

The best way to do it is remove, paint and re-install however re-installing it straight can be tricky. You could just tape and mask it off.
goof off or something like that, in the paint dept. ay sLowes.

how is that?
PMed you send me your email and i will
the pix is a little large but on it's way
like i said it looks cleaner and less to keep up.