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P/N's for SHOCKS


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Virginia Beach
Ok guy's I need some help, and fast. My 98' Cherokee was smashed from behind, and the collision center fixed all the damage. But what i had them do was install new Rusty's 6" springs, instead of the 4.5" ones i had. Now my shocks are just holding me down. I need to know some P/N's for Rancho's or Doestch shocks that will fit. Oh I also have a 1.75" shackle too. Any help will sure make me alot happier, and more comfortable.
MOVE... the shock locations?

How exactly do you do that and to where?
You're still alive. How ya been? Wrecked the Jeep, you OK?

This is the part # for the RE/Doestech (sp?) shocks DT3368. These are the shocks I ran with the 5.5" springs and extended shackles.

When ya comin' out for a visit?
Thanks everyone, i think i now what i want. Gonna look at the Doescth shocks if i can find a dealer around here. The Jeep is fixed, and other than smahing my hand with the new leaf springs its going good. Should have the front springs next week, then all i need is that darn SYE. I won't be out for awhile, and you know i would be. The new job is going really good, and the my girls love having daddy around all the time. But enough of that, i'll send some pics when i get it done. Happy crawling this summer.