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output speed sensor


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I'm trying to get the jeep to pass inspection. They tell me the check engine light code is reading output speed sensor. I have searched here & Googled... I cant find a darn tootin thing that shows it or where it is. However I did find a thread that these are only on the 98+ Xj?

This isnt the same sensor as the speedo gear is it? If thats the case I think this is a ghost reading because the speedometer works.

However my Neutral safety switch is F'd up... would that cause there to be a OSS sensor reading??? I'd replace that.

I told them I'd get an oss at the JY - I dont want them throwing my money at this all willy nilly... someone tell me or SHOW me a OSS in is location.

OSS is different yeah... it's on the driver side of the tranny underneath the shift linkage bracket for the transfer case. On 97 down it's just a reed switch that is triggered by a magnet once per rotation of the shaft, on a 98 up it's a coil/reluctance pickup of some sort and gives 4 pulses per revolution.

You going to the trailcut tomorrow? I haven't left yet, if you want I can throw my oscilloscope in the passenger seat and take a look at it.
could be wiring in between as well. The sensor's just a reed switch, I would be extremely surprised if it failed.

EDIT: you should be able to pick up the signal at the connector on the side of the tranny, then at the connector near the tranny dipstick, at C101, and at the plug for the TCU.
hey - I just realized my spare OSS was sitting on the living room table, I'll throw it in my pack and bring it down with me in case you're there