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Splined output shaft ax-15??


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Good morning. I pulled a rwd ax-15 from a cherokee (01?) that I want to use in a '01 Dakota with the 2.5. (I try and pull manual 5spds when I see them and get the driveshafts or yokes)
But for some reason I can't find the yoke that I pulled with it. I have a few yokes that look like they're the ones to fit the ID of the seal but splines are not matching the splines..(??)
Im not understanding this because I only pull the matching ones and so I shouldn't have all sorts of GM or Mitsu's etc all over. I count the output splines an come up with 29. And the 'web' says it should be 26. (ax15)
So Does anyone have knowledge on the RWD ax-15's?? It's POURING rain outside so stopping me from crawling under and verifying.
p.s. Novak doesn't like answering unless you buy from them..