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Other trail reviews??

Gary E

NAXJA Member #687
Elk Grove CA
We hear about the big three often, Con, Fordyce, and Barret. What are the other cool trails around that are fun, and some reference to their difficulty. I am expecting a Loong post from Keven! :D

I will start off.

Rescue trail. Fun not too difficult needed a strap once with 31s and rear locker. Its in the foothills near rescue so its not up in the pines so much but is still nice. I don't know if we did all of it or not.

Hell Hole. Fun little trail in-n-out in one day trail. fairly difficult. It wasn't too bad with 31s and dual lockers.

Snake lake. I have just been once and we didn't get to go on all the good stuff. We went back up the hill that drops into snake lake and lost the main group since a landcruiser slashed a tire in the middle of the trail. But that part was pretty fun. it was tough to get up the hill with 31s and a rear locker. There was some good rock ledges but more so the hill had a couple of sections full of large gravel for lack of a better term that was a little tough to get through.
Sorry to disapoint ya Gary, but you named the only others I can think of. :?
I'm sure we can come up with others. :mrgreen:

Forgot about Mushroom Rock for the newbies.