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One small Request?


NAXJA Forum User
Guys the board really looks great! But I have a small problem? I don't know if it's my junk (Webtv) or not? But all the other forums except for the Mod forums...The lettering in the sentences are a Black lettering. But in the Mods forum they are a White lettering. (bright) Bright to were I can't read the post people put up. Can someone tell me what to do to correct this please? Thanks.
I am really at a loss as to what to say in solving your problem.

All of the NAXJA forums use the same software and settings, so there should be no difference from one to the other.

I have never used WebTV.... so I have no idea where to start. I do have a WebTV capable box... if you want to pay for the service... would be happy to see what it looks like... but I am not sure we could come up with a solution. :)

If you do not want to answer... that is fine... but have you considered using a computer? Makes it much easier for us to attempt to duplicate and troubleshoot issues. :)
Yeah I'll answer...I'm a Fat Cheap German Toad that instead of buying a puter which I don't have the space for anyways. Most of my extra $ go's for dues to a club/forum that when ever somone gets a wild hair up there ass to change passwords and forums around about 3 to 4 times a year it's pretty hard to keep up! Is there anymore surprizes in the near future I have to look foward too or do you have to think about it? I just ask for help not a lexture! I thought it might of been the forum itself. I don't think I was asking for to much. But I won't ask again!
I think you missunderstood my meaning.

I did not intend to infer anything by it... certainly not that you where cheap... and definately not that you are a toad.

I am saying... there is no way for us to duplicate what you are seeing.... as we have no access to a system similar to yours.

My using a computer remark was more in the direction of... can you use a computer (library or otherwise) to see if you get the same results.... not that you need to buy a computer.

As to passwords.... we have made a huge effort NOT to change them more often.... so I am not sure what you mean by that. The last change was out of our control for the most part... it was due to the fact that the server would not accept the first and last digits... it considered them to be illegal characters. We tried to make that transition as smooth as possible.

BTW.. that post was not a lecture.... just pointing out that I really have no way to duplicate your problem. I did include smilies in the post to try to indicate a light tone as well.

I am troubled that you think that we make changed based on hair up our asses. :( That is far from the truth. We do not volunteer our time, and just make changes when we get bored. Any changes we make are hopefully to improve the site.

If we can help you, we will. I think we have been more than willing to help many folks over the past years.
Try highlighting the text that you can't read with your WebTV. That should invert the colors and make it legible. I've had to do this when I use the WebTV at my parents house before.