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oh crap broken bolt

Broke by over tightening they can usually be worked out with a punch. Broke because its old and corroded. . . Sorry. Drilling is in your future.
Broke how?
Flush with the water pump or flush with the block?
I busted one when I did the water pump in my '00 XJ.
But it was flush with the water pump. So when I got the
water pump off had about an inch to grab on the broken bolt.
I used the CRC Freeze Off. Got lucky on the first try.
Just replaced that bolt with one from the hardware store.
Oh and used a washer too cause it was a flange head bolt.
flush with water pump but it's threaded, don't think i have much choice but to drill

Can you get the other bolts out?
If you can you should be able to pull the water pump off.
Giving you something to grab onto like how mine played out.
I don't see the need to drill. At least not yet.
Now if and when you snap off the exposed part flush with the block then yeah.
got all other bolts out but in pretty tight tryed pry bar to get it loose, nothing budged .going to fiddle with it today see if i get lucky.ya right lol
Well I could see it being "seized" to the block a bit.
Previous owner might have gunked up the gasket really good too.
Thinking if it were me I would just hit the part the pulley attaches to with a hammer.
Tap the top, tap the sides, if you can get in there tap the bottom, you get the idea. LOL.
Just need to free it up a bit.
IMO do not use the supplied paper gasket that came with the water pump.
I used a FelPro when I did mine.
Also no gunk on the FelPro. Was curious about this.
On Felpro site they state very clearly not to.