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Aurora, Colorado
when i switched my transmission i also got a salvage nv231. from a 96 i think. my input spline count vs my spare trans did not match

anyways i wanted to share--
while on the ground i drained and filled it with Lucas ATF 2 quarts of it. it had barely a pint or so of coffee looking oil. it now shifts so smooth.

no matter the ATF you use, if you have a 30 year old XJ change the t case oil. i bet it needs it.
HACK N TAP was also done. yes not optimal set up but it works. i did notice you can cut the shaft too short like Raffi did in his YT vid. i kept mine longer ish 1 and 1/4 in i think to keep maximum spline contact. if you go shorter you get less spline contact.
i also got a 231 from a Liberty it is a 31 spline output. Iron Rock Offroad has a hack n tap kit for it . i keep as spare for now. if you guys snag a 231 from a liberty to get one in better shape / less miles/ less hard off road history be aware of the 31 splines and how to deal with it..
Yeah "normal" folks typically only worry about engine oil and maybe transmission. They neglect axles and transfercases. Might as well be magic to many folks.