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NOS Transfer Case Skids.


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Kinda suprised me that they still exist. Only $31.50, but of course it's pretty thin. They also have some other NOS stuff, everything else is really high. $331!!!!!!! for the MOPAR CAI kit!
WOW, first one of these I have seen.
When I got my 98 new in 97 I and the dealer were trying to figure out where that rear hook was for the trailer hitch, we finally gave up and I bought the stand alone rear hook with the L shaped bracket and hook. The parts book showed attached to the hitch but none of the hitches he had included that hook in the box and they could find no listing for it.
Their prices are not that bad, the slush mats are a downright bargain, go price them at quadratec if you think that place is expensive. The OEM slush mats will have the hole for the carpet hook and the jeep logo. Dam, they only come in Agate, no spice or camel.
Whats more convenient to you, a fedex or dhl drop station? I'd assume that you would just stick a label on the skid itself and ship it?
I bet that it would fit in a flat rate $10 box
The OEM skids are better than you would think. Not so good for running rocks but for moderate wheeling they are fine.

I usually get the full set (tank/engine/T-case) around here in the JY's for around $60.