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No speedometer


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I have a 1999 cherokee classic. It has the 4.0L 6 cylinder and is 4x4. I also have the NP231 transfer case with a 4sp auto transmission. I’m having an issue with my speedometer not working. All other gauges work great. I checked the code it was throwing and it said speedo gear. So I changed it and it still isn’t working and is throwing the same code. The Speedo worked fine before I done an engine swap. Since the swap the speedo hasnt worked. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this before I start changing wires for shorts.

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on my 92 MJ, I would have intermittent speedo working and it seemed to be after it warmed up that it would start working. It seems as though the sensor plug just needed to be cleaned. Haven't
gone on that long of a drive since cleaning it but it seems to have worked.