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No more dial up


NAXJA Forum User
Bremerton, WA
Just got me some road runner no more dial up for me WOoooooooot wwwwwwwwoooooooot
I can finnal open a web page in less than 5 minutes. Yeah

Just wanted to vent
WTF is Dial Up?! LOL

Damn, I seriously didnt think anyone had that anymore. I think it was about 8-9 years ago last time i was on a dial-up computer :D
just go a new puter, had a lap top with a cracked screen wasnt worth it to me for DSL when I could only see half the screen. Porn on!!!
haha shitty, well congrats :cheers:
Then THIS shouldn't be a problem :D

It took me 5 minutes to skroll through that picture, not really but dial up would have been there for an hour.
Wooo hoooo Cable company screwed up my bill/ service. End result I got a lower bill and a DSL upgrade for free. Porn downloads really fast now.
High speed hasn't reached me yet...I use my cell phone so it's better than dial up, but not quite DSL...;)