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  • Yo! A new wife and a new "wife"? Center mounted????? Did I really read that right?

    Okay Jeep question. What spring rate for front coilovers? I think the pair you sold was in the 300/400 range (170ish main rate). That seemed high to me but I've never sprung a solid axle jeep. Any recomendations? I personally like soft spring rate and let the valving do the work. I'm getting ready for coilovers up front...I bent a coil bucket :)

    I still have short arms by the way...with drop brackets.
    Hey Jim glad to see the ROTM is jeepspeed/prerunner themed I hope I did not offend you earlier I really only was wanting apples to apples competition. I had not looked for a ROTM thread this month yet and was going by previous months where some ones daily driver was against full spec or heavy mod rigs. Yes I'd let Dans rig enter but it should compete against other heavily modded rigs like santa's or robertk's.
    do you know hellbilly? is he ok to buy from. also do you know anything about the tomken LA kit? he's asking $900 is it a good buy? was advised to ask you. thanks
    I'm looking to go Awesome with our XJ for both my sons to take OffRoad. You said something about "bigger company than they are" in the RC Thread. What company is that? Do they build an ultra flexing and nonbinding kit between 5 and 6.5"s?

    Thank you.
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