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New DIN style CD/receiver in 89 XJ

Jay Welch

NAXJA Forum User
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to install this for my daughter. Anyone have any tips for fitting this pig into the short dashboard of an XJ.

I have a mounting kit and all wiring hooked up. Unit works fine but I can't seem to fit all of the wiring, fuse blocks, RCA jacks etc back into the opening.....not much spare room back there.

I think I'm going to have to cut a hole into the glove box and store the extra harness etc in there.

What do you think??? Any better ideas??

Jay in MA
I'll check with my son he put one in my 88, he does all his friends and it looks good, We are going to add tweeters in factory locations. John
I have a set of IIRC 3 1/2" that go in the front part of the dash where there are little speaker vents... Is that where you are putting your tweeters? Thats where I was gonna put mine. The thing is... I don't know where the speaker wires are down there. If you know what colors they are it would be a help. Let me know after you put yours in. Thanks man.
I had to push the harnessess and wiring down behind the Climate Control unit. Its a tight fit but it went in. If I remember correctly, I held the Head unit as close as possible and with the other hand pushed the harnesses down below.
I've done it twice, and it was a very tight fit. And I didn't have any RCA plugs, just the head and the wires to the connector.

Best I can offer is a hearty "Good luck!"
Thanks Eagle.

Yeah I have all of the power and speaker wires, the antenna lead, the RCA plugs, a thick black harness that looks like a keyboard connector on a PC, the filter/fuse box, an external inverter block for the vacuum fluorescent display....oh man. I think I'll try to stuff the excess in the glove box. This thing lights up like a carnival ride.