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new dilemma....


imma honky

Well, after looking at my bank account, I have come to realize that a) being a college student and b) having a crappy paying job right now may not be able to support the wants of my jeep. It is currently stock with a ton of miles(runs great though). Heres my problem, it is currently my only mode of transportation. Should I say to hell with money, do mods when i get the $$$ or should I wait about 6 months - a year, save, buy another jeep and then mod like its going out of style?
I'd wait and stay on stock grade trails.
I'd wait. If money is really burning a hole in your pocket, maybe do a 2" budget boost and run 30x9.50s. That's a setup that will take a Cherokee places that will amaze you and mystify your buddies.