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I know, I know. But the ball is actually rolling and about to hit the pins. Below is a quote from our club's National president:

Hello Team,

More information to come, but i wanted to post a quick update on the longstanding forum upgrade project.

As y'all are aware, the current vBulletin software is not aging gracefully...

We are paying somebody to migrate our vBulletin forum software to XenForo. Usernames/passwords and all forum contents will be retained. It should be a pretty seamless transition to a more modern forum. This will also fix many of the issues that are making the forum/membership tough to manage.

We will also be moving the forum itself to Xenforo's cloud hosting service. This is great because they will handle all of the back end server stuff and provide help desk style support for any issues.

The ball is rolling and the goal is to have this done by the end of January, 2024.


IMHO, it will likely be sometime in February. But what do I know? It has taken awhile but there has been significant activity on the matter in the Nat'l BOD forum, as well as behind the scenes. Thanks to all the volunteers involved.
That's what I understand. It may, however, be limited to Members.
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