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neutral safety swith bypass?


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so im pretty sure my nss is shot and that is why my jeep isnt starting, i was t old i can bypass it by attaching a couple wires together

can some please explain this more clearly to me? which wires do i put together asthere are a few going from the nss to the plug?

also are there any cons to doing this?
what year is your jeep? the only con is your reverse lights may not work anymore, they are turned on by the NSS.
30 minutes with some electronic cleaner and dielectric grease and you can have that sucker nearly new again. Mine was completely shot 6 years ago...cleaned and greased it thoroughly one afternoon...hasn't been a concern since. Easy removal, disassembly, reinstall. I know this does not answer your question...but just wanted to throw this out...it's a very simple switch.
If you search the forum using "bypass neutral safety" you'll find not only how to bypass it, but clean it and get it back working properly (the preferred method).
If you put the jumper on the main harness side of the connector (not the NSS side), you should be able to crank it. You will not have backup lights and the starter will engage in any gear.
The harness has A,B,C & D marked on the connector.
IIRC, B & C wires are Black and Black with white stripe. Don't remember which is which. Those are the ones we are talking about jumpering.

See cautions in above posts.
If the NSS is physically broken the best thing is to cut the harness pigtail directly below the plug and splice the wires there. Then you can just disconnect and discard the made pigtail when you get a replacement switch.
I want to say just ground out the black one, but it isnt so fresh in my head any more. But basicly, screw the nss, and put in a switch for the reverse lights and one to start.
so i cut the wires below the plug at the top of the engine, splice the A and B wire together? and it should start?

can i leave the actual NSS off of the transmission?

The actual NSS is just attached to a pole that rotates according to gear position, and can be removed with no problem (usually--there is a seal behind the pole that can leak sometimes, but the NSS doesn't do much to keep it locked).

Remove the NSS from the engine, cut about 4 inches of wire off the connector end, splice the BLACK and BLACK/WHITE wires together, tape it all up, and reconnect it to the engine harness. When you get a new NSS, toss the made pigtail into your parts bag for the next time the switch fails.

If you get a leak on the seal, bolt the mechanical part of the NSS back onto the tranny...
Before you get too far in with the advice, you may want to ask what YEAR this is. The wire colors changed through the years. If it's an OBDII model, then disconnecting the NSS will trigger a check engine light and according to some reports here it will prevent the t/c from locking up in 4th gear.