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Neutral safety switch


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I have tried 2 redone NSS and one new one in my 89. None will start in park or neutral but will all start if B&C are jumpered. I had success with one of the old ones off of trans but the starting positions look like 1st and 3rd/drive. The NSS arm in Park (shifter indicated) is straight up and down. Is that correct? Can you reassemble a NSS wrong?
You can reassemble it wrong, but you also have to index it properly. If you just put it on and don't align it properly it'll never sense the correct gear. Use a multimeter across terminals b&c, loosen the bolts and rotate it until the meter reads a short.
What he said!! Block the wheels so you can check in park and neutral.
I usually just put something or someone behind the Jeep to tell me when the reverse lights come on. Stick the shifter in reverse and adjust until it's in the center of the range where the reverse lights work.
Found it. I could not trigger the Yellow control wire at the ignition switch even though I had power so I knew it was interrupted between there and the start relay. Took the dash apart and found a tidy aftermarket security system. Removed. Fixed. Thanks for all the advice. I now have a literally perfectly operational nearly new cherokee.