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Need Help With Drag Link


NAXJA Forum User
Noticed this week that the end of my drag link that attaches to the steering knuckle had a whole lot of play in it. Picked up a new one and decided to change it out. 1st problem, the drag link end at the knuckle spins if you try to remove the nut. The nut plus the shaft spins! Any ideas on how to remove the drag link from the knuckle? Do you think the knuckle is bad or could it just be the taped shaft on the drag link? It the hole in the knuckle is enlarged can the new drag link some how be shimmed, or will I need to get a new knuckle.

I've also noticed that some lower ball joints listed for the 2000 Cherokee come with what looks like some sort of threaded adapter the is split length wise on one side. They also come with a external snap ring? They are a ACDelco Advantage 46D2117A lower ball joint. If I use them do I just disregard the snap ring and threaded adapter.

Thanks for any and all help and suggestions,
Cut the drag link nut/joint off and I own 2 2000's that both use standard ball joints.