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Need help from previous owner XJ wagoner 4.7 swap


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Hi guys
New here hope you can help

So I just bought my self a wagoner XJ 1986 with a complete 4.7 WJ swap from 2002 maybe no one knows for now, it as allot of lift maybe 6" or more every thing has been dropped control arms and track bar, yes both control arms are in the same position, it has 38" tiers now but planing on 43-44" since the fit nicely under , so the problem I am having is that they also installed the WJ steering box and they did not think it mutch through, so he bend the drag link going down to the knuckle so it would not rub on the spring seat when in full left turn and the lower track bar seat , but thats just crazy because now the drag link is realy weak, and even to make it worse when he fitted the steering box he chopped it all up aorund to fit it and didint support it after so the sterring box just wiggles all around.

So the question is what would you do??

Should i just try to fit the original xj steering box if there is room and try to make it work like oem with pitman drop :'')

Should i move the lower track bar higher so the drag link and tie rod go under it and support the WJ steering box better.

Or somthing more simpler that i dont know yet.

Btw i live in iceland so im mostly driving in snow and glaciurs