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NAXJA Sanctions Mohawk Madness Event in MA


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The NAXJA BOD has sanctioned a new event to be held in NW Mass. Details below, registration TBA. (click here for the Forum)

Mowhawk Madness Details
When: September 3-5 (Labor Day weekend)
Where: NW Mass. Specifically near North Adams, Williamstown & Florida
Basecamp: Mt Greylock state reservation, the "chimney" group site
Desc: A weekend of running legal unmaintained four-wheel drive roads in MA and VT accompanied by camping and all the associated fun!
--Fri: Early Arrivals, trail ride depending on attendance
--Sat: More Arrivals, trail rides broken up depending on attendees.
--Sun: Break Camp, those who wish can join trail rides.
P.O.C.s: Eagle & sidriptide

*Note: There will be no group meal this year (though maybe in the future), and further details will be hammered out in the Mohawk Madness Forum