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NAXJA Fall Fling is "The Bomb" (long)


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Boise, ID
I just have to say that of all the events I have attended, 4x4 ones or not, NAXJA Fall Fling takes top honors. The people are great, the coordination is great, the trails are great.. It is just all around "great". My wife and I have attended the last two years and are coming again this year and we just can't stop talking about it. Here's a little recap of our first NAXJA Fall Fling.

We drove down from Boise, ID in our 94 XJ with a newly installed 4.5" RE lift and 31" tires, all open and 3.07 gears! We had just found NAXJA and made the plans last minute. I was very familiar with Moab, as I have been mountain biking there for 10 years, but I have never wheeled there. We didn't know what to expect. Anyhow, we pulled into town and went to Dump Bump to see if anyone was there. This was 3 days before the official start by the way. Anyhow, 3 or 4 XJs were there and within 5 minutes, all of them had come over and introduced themselves. I had been in our local club for months and was lucky to get any of them to even exchange eye contact with us! I felt at home immediately. Anyhow, it just got better from there. Awesome trail leaders like Mil and Jeff really make this event shine. And everyone we encountered was friendly, helpful and courteous. I can go on and on about what a great group of people these guys and gals are, because they really are. The bottom line, you gotta attend Fall Fling!! If you take one trip in 2003, make it this one!!!

Thanks for the good report. :)

See you in Oct.
I'm already regretting the fact that I'm doing this, but I can't help it. Its not 'THE' bomb, its the Mother Of All Bombs. Get it M.O.A.B.

Awright awright, but he started it. :D

Can't wait for October.

I had a great time last year and am looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!


Keep that up, Jes, and you'll end up in charge of the dash plaques. :eek: ;)
Nice move Jes, may as well just jump up and down, shouting "pick me, pick me"......:clap:

Jes, since you've nominated yourself for the duties, I vote for the big rodeo belt buckle instead of the plaque :D

Those plaques are a collector's edition. :D