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NAC fundraising gear?


NAXJA Forum User
Keene, NH
Just wondering if any NAC logo exists or if there are any items (t-shirts,hats,etc.) available to sell for fundraising?
If not, how about a logo contest for the NAC? Once a logo is selected, we could have gear made to sell for fundraising. Check out www.cafepress.com. You can upload a design and have it put on lots of different items and then sell the items at whatever amount over cost you would like.
I've used their services for my DH Mountainbike team for two years and haven't had any complaints yet. www.cafepress.com/blazinbros(not a plug, just for an example)

- Nate.
We have a logo, its the one all the way to the right. I just don't have a better picture of it. We had t-shirts a while back and I know we have stickers. I believe mikeinnj has the stickers, I am not sure about the t-shirts. The link to our website is at the top of the NAC forum.

Hey Johnny,

Are those stickers gonna be available at NACFest? I would like to pick up some if so. I remember there being a dashplaque being discussed?

I will make sure we have some at NACFest, we sold a bunch there last year. I believe we were doing dash plaques for this years NACfest too but stroker can probably answer that question better.
Juice was giving out the last t-shirts, about 6 months ago. It is an excellent quality heavy shirt in gray with naxja on the front left in red and the round NAC logo BIG on the back in red, blue & black. highly recommend if there's any left :sunshine:
Yes I did the shirts, and I'm going to do another order after NAC Fest. So I'll post something then. Juice