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Mounted the bumper


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not here
The wife say thats too much blue, what do you think? I like the blue, breaks up all the black... What color would go good with this jeep?


Thank you
i like that...looks good!
Glad to see you're using Krylon, excellent paint choice! Have you figured out what you're going to do with your oversized Laredo vacuum bottle yet?
it looks better then it does on their website...

How long from when you ordered it until it arrived?

This is the rear they sale...I did a color change today, when i finish it i'll post new pics...Sent wife for paint, you all know what that means right?
Looks good. Let me guess, if your wife is anything like mine when she came home with that color, it wasn't just "red." It was more like a "coral pink with a coriander influence":spin3: ................hehehehee.....:D