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MJ Taillight replacements

Especially for somebody who is apparently backing into things often enough to need to replace tail lights frequently. :laugh3:

I agree that I should have worded it differently. But, damage from wheeling, accidents, natural disasters, etc. are some reasons they could be damaged.

As rare as factory MJ tails are, most of the good ones have a high dollar price tag.

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Looks good!
This is the exact setup I'm probably going to do. 6" oval with pod reverse light. Won't have to worry about smashing anything.
Your right 200$ is pricey but for the precision and the fact that it very well could be the last taillights you ever buy not bad imo, plus was able to buy these with the sale of one decent pair of stockers have 3 sets left

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Kickstarting an old thread...I am new to MJ's, but have always loved them. Just picked up my 88 June of last year. When I got it, both tail lights were broken and I was appalled at the replacement cost. I messed around with a few ideas and came up with this. Only cost was the lights from Amazon (about $75) and some time with a Dremel tool. The result is a very solid mount. Since this was just an experiment, I used the broken oem light housing to create the mount for the new lights. My goal will be to attempt to design a 3d printed adapter that you could adapt JK (or other style aftermarket lights) to the MJ bed without cutting or welding anything. Thoughts on the look or a better light option? I don't care for the oval lights so far in this thread. IMO, I think square or rectangular ones look better with this body style.
Hey, that's pretty slick!
As rare as factory MJ tails are, most of the good ones have a high dollar price tag.
And those of us who have a box of spare tail lights are not willing to part with them. However if the housing is in good shape and it is just the lens that is damaged, replacement lenses are now available on eBay.

Old thread, I know, just trying to put some life back in this forum.