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Misc XJ parts for sale


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Unionville, MO
I am statring to clean out the shop again and have a few items that need to go. All prices do NOT include shipping. If interested in any or all the items, shoot me an offer. All items are for or from XJ's.

Rough Country XJ T-case drop (used & no bolts) $10

1996 XJ driver side cable adjust mirror $20

1996 driver side tail light $15

1990 windshield washer resivor(I think one pump is good, the other bad)$12

Dana 35 ring and pinion 4.56 ratio $65

Dana 30 ring and pinion 4.10 ratio $50

Dana 30 empty carrier for 3.73 up $40

Chrysler 8.25 27 spline carrier $25

Dana 35 spider gears $20

Chrysler 8.25 e-brake cables $15/pair

2 rear hatches, one from a 96 and one from a 90 "woody" both have defrost rear windows ,your choice $50 but these are pick up only.

hood from a 1990 model, no dents or rust, $40 and pick up only.

I also have a complete set (minus windshield) of glas from a 90, it is clear glass, not tinted. make and offer, I prefer local pickup on glass items.

I have a few other items that I need to check their condition and will be posting them later. They are a 3 wire rear wiper motor from a 90XJ and a fuel pump from a 96 XJ. If anyone has interest in these items, let me know and I will get around to checking them a bit faster.

I will assist in shipping the body panels or the glass with in 100 miles of Unionville, MO.

Any questions, PM me. thanks.
The gears are from a early 90's model, so I believe that is HP. I think they went LP around 97 or so...but not sure on that.

I do have a driver side interior door handle with manual lock. If I can get it out in one piece and it is in good shape, your lookin about $15 shipped to DM. If that sounds good to you, let me know and I will go pull it this afternoon. Hopefully the sun will fool me to think it is going to be warm out!!! I am sick of this snow and ice crap!!! :smsoap:
Yeah $15 shipped works for me. I am up in Des Moines so if it looks good after you pull the thing drop me a pm with your email address and I will paypal you. Ed
mtbikerjohn, I PM'ed you with some details.....thanks!
John, I PM'ed you again about the hanldes.

The 4.10's w/ carrier are sold and so are the 4.56's.