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Memorial Weekend a bunch of us are going to

great place, been there once. I feel stoopid, what are the dates of memorial day weekend?
If you havent been there, camping sucks.
There were 4 of us who eventually made it. All of our rigs are capable; built to take on most mid-level obstacles. The smallest tires we run are 35s.

I've got a 96 Grand Cherokee, my buddy has a built up 92 Cherokee, other one's got a Yota, and last but not least is my bud with a ragged out old CJ (just kidding dude) that just seems to keep on running.

We had a great weekend at the park. They haven't had much rain and it helped with some of the obstacles and hurt on others. They have some kick-a-- obstacles and a lot of trails. Their new trails need some breaking in and some widening, but all in all, we like the park and will go back.