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measurements for nutstrips?


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i remember seeing a thread a while back that had a diagram and measurements for making nutstrips for a rear hitch. now i can't seem to find it. if someone could post up a link i would really appreciate it.:rof:
If you've already got the hitch and it's not installed take a piece of steel and lay it on top of the hitch and mark where the holes need to be and drill them out. Then you can use that piece to mark the locations on the rear frame to drill holes there. After that's done put the strip back on the hitch put the bolt and nuts you're going to use on then tack them in place and you know it's matched perfectly to your hitch and everything.
I made mine off the hitch. Laid it down on the floor, clamped the steel strips under it, and made marks where the holes needed to be. Then I drilled and tapped the strip and ran some all thread in, welded it in. Then I welded those strips to the frame. Nut strips are cool, but I had all of the above laying around.

In short, if you already have the hitch you can just measure, or you could measure the actual truck...
I don't have the hitch or the jeep yet. but I'm at work and can fabricate the parts here if I have the measurements. even if someone has the measurements for the little seperate squares that mount above each hole.