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Louisville area meet and greet?


NAXJA Forum User
Mount Holly, NJ
Just wondering if anyone within reasonable driving distance of Louisville would be interested in a meet and greet. I know that there are many great folks around, but I haven't met very many....(except a few NAC members at Paragon)

Maybe a little get together at a hooters, or a favorite hangout, whatever.

Any Ideas?

The interest is underwhelming.

Mods, go ahead and delete please.
That sounds like an awsome idea, I work at the autozone on preston highway and everytime someone comes in with a lifted cherokee I refer them to NAXJA. I know there are people in the louisville area that cruise these forums. So if you lurkers from louisville are out there, speak up, introduce yourself. We can only learn from each other.
Sorry to break the news, but this post is from 2003. I have since moved to WA state. I have run into very few KY folks interested in XJ's while stationed in Ft Knox...

Good Luck.