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Light Bar Install ????'s


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Okay so I am gonna buy/build a light bar for the beast and i was wondering.......how do i run the wires from the lights to the relays and such that will be placed under the hood?? Open to any and all suggestions. If I build a light bar i am gonna use the factory luggage rack hardware for mounting seeing as how I never use the luggage rack anyway because I use my 03 Liberty for long trips. I am gonna use 3/4 inch pipe(conduit or aluminum)or a good piece of flat steel, flattend the ends so they will go into the rail holders off of the rack and be done with it for less than $5 not including the lights. Has anyone else made a light bar?? PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE.....i really don't wanna spend alot to buy a new one so the construction ideas are the best bet:anon: :cheers: :cheers:
I built mine but I used 3/4 inch steel tube.But it cost more than 5.00. I could send a pic if you like.sarbuck
i ran my wires thru the fender and up the weatherstriping to the roof. i can't post pixs on the board or i would show you. PM me with your email address and i will send you pixs.
I ran my wires through the fire wall into the cabin and the switch is right next to the left hand side of the steering column. The wires that run up to the lights go under the bottom door sill plastic then run up the B-Pillar and snake their way back up out the top of the door. I have a Mopar Roof Rack that mounts to the rain gutters that I converted into the light bar and it has been working beautifully for 4 years now. If you need any more help just ask.